Speedy and reliable screening


The sex of a baby is determined by the composition of sperm chromosomes at the time of fertilisation. The BabyGen test reveals the outcome of the whole process.

1. Blood sample collection at a doctor’s surgery

BabyGen blood samples are collected from a pregnant woman by a person of the female sex by drawing blood from one of the peripheral veins, using 10ml test tubes containing an anticoagulant called EDTA (similarly to blood counts).

2. Sample delivery to the laboratory

Along with a special order form that has to be filled in correctly, the blood sample is transported in a separate blood transport bag that is placed in an isothermal bag (maintaining a temperature of 4°C). The blood sample must be delivered to the central laboratory of Medirex, a.s. within 36 hours of blood collection.

Every blood sample transport request must be consulted with the Medirex, a.s. control room at least 24 hours prior to the actual blood collection is due: 0800 400 800, dispecing@medirex.sk

3. Payment for the test

The price of a BabyGen laboratory analysis is 120 euros. To make sure the analysis is completed as soon as possible, it is necessary to make the payment immediately upon blood sample collection. The analysis is carried out exclusively for a fee paid directly by the patient. The payment can be made in two different ways:

  1. Direct payment at a doctor’s surgery
    If a healthcare facility requires the payment to be made on the spot, i.e. right in the medical facility itself, the physician is obliged to confirm the payment in a specific section of the order form and provide the patient with a receipt. The laboratory will subsequently invoice the healthcare facility in the upcoming billing cycle.
  2. Payment made to the Medirex, a.s. laboratories account using the payment gate available at www.medirexplatby.sk
    If it is not possible to pay for the test at the doctor’s surgery, the patient can use the payment gate available at www.medirexplatby.sk, making a direct payment to the bank account of the Medirex, a.s. laboratories, where BabyGen analysis is performed.The patient will go to www.medirexplatby.sk as soon as her blood sample is taken. She will use the online system for correct payment identification, entering the data from the order form she received from her physician and selecting the desired type of payment. The payment gate allows her to settle the payment immediately using a debit/credit card; alternatively, the system can issue an advance invoice, which must be paid using a bank transfer without undue delay. Upon receipt of her payment, the patient will receive a proper tax document.

4. Release of the sample for analysis

It must be noted that only samples that can be linked to payments which have already been cleared are scheduled for analysis. In the event of a delayed payment, incorrectly entered data or a hindered/impossible identification of the payment, the laboratory cannot guarantee that the standard examination time limit will be met.

Note that samples which have not been linked to any payment will not be examined!

5. Blood sample analysis

Detecting the presence of Y chromosome sequences in the peripheral blood of a pregnant woman using a high-sensitivity PCR method as an indication of a male foetus.

The patient will receive text messages on the mobile phone number given in the order form straight upon blood collection, once the payment has been cleared, and also as soon as the analysis is finished.

6. Test results

Test results are generally available within 5 working days of the day the required payment is credited to the laboratory account. The laboratory will send the results in PDF format and secured by encryption to the email address that the patient provided in the order form, but not before the 12th week of pregnancy is over. The mother-to-be will also receive a text message on her mobile phone with a password to unlock the encrypted PDF document.

At the same time, the laboratory will send the results of the analysis to the physician who referred the patient, either by post or using the standard electronic system for the delivery of test results, depending on the type of delivery the physician uses at the time.

The laboratory shall not provide test results to patients unless they have completed their 12th week of pregnancy.

To make sure that the mother-to-be receives an email with her test results, it is important that her contact details in the order form (her email address and telephone number) are ALWAYS correct and complete.

If the patient chooses to make a direct payment to the Medirex, a.s. laboratories account via the www.medirexplatby.sk payment portal, it is crucial that the mother-to-be’s identification details entered are correct and complete.

* In compliance with a resolution adopted by the Ethics Committee of the Slovak Ministry of Health, our laboratory can only provide test results to patients once they have completed their 12th week of pregnancy.