Find out about the sex of your unborn baby at an early stage thanks to a fast and simple screening method. 

BabyGen is a genetic test that involves analysing a maternal blood sample to determine the sex of a foetus from as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.
Completely safe for both baby and mother, the test boasts a reliability of more than 99.5%.
For successful analysis the gestational age is neccessary to know, therefore  pregnancy passport or ultrasound report will be needed at the sample collection.​

How it works?

The sex of a human is determined by what are called sex chromosomes – X and Y. While female cells have two X chromosomes each, male cells have a combination of one X chromosome and one Y chromosome each. Using high-sensitivity molecular methods based on DNA analysis, BabyGen can detect the presence of Y chromosomes
in the blood stream of a pregnant woman.

XX or XY

The sex of an unborn child can be determined easily at an early stage of pregnancy – actually as early as in the 10th week – thanks to cell-free fetal DNA circulating in the maternal blood stream. All it takes is a sample of maternal blood, which is subsequently analysed for the presence of the Y chromosome. If the chromosome is present, the unborn baby is a boy. If not, the mother has a little girl to look forward to.