Speedy and reliable screening


The sex of an unborn baby is determined by sperm chromosomes at the time of conception. As for the outcome – well, let BabyGen answer that question for you!

1. Blood sample collection at a doctor’s surgery

BabyGen blood samples are collected by a female nurse using standard methods, typically by drawing blood from a cubital vein, which poses no health risks whatsoever. Blood sampling can be done as early as in the 10th week of pregnancy,* not necessarily on an empty stomach.

2. Payment for the test

You can either make the necessary arrangements with your physician to pay for the test on the spot at your doctor’s surgery, or you can make a direct payment to the laboratory account via www.medirexplatby.sk, using a credit/debit card or a bank transfer.
The BabyGen test costs 120 euros including VAT.

3. Sample analysis

Using a pregnant woman’s blood sample, our expert laboratory staff will isolate the fetal DNA present in the sample to determine the presence of the Y chromosome. If it is present, there is a little boy growing inside the mother’s belly.  If it is not present, the unborn baby is a little girl. The patient will receive a text message on the mobile phone provided in the application form not only when the sample is delivered to the laboratory, but also as soon as the payment is credited to the laboratory account and after the analysis of the sample has been completed.

4. Test results

Test results are generally available within 5 working days of the day the required payment is credited to the laboratory account, but not before the 12th week of pregnancy is over*. Test results can be sent to the patient in two ways:

  • via the patient’s physician
    The laboratory will send the results of the analysis to the physician who referred the patient. As soon as the physician receives them, they will interpret the results to the mother-to-be.
  • by email
    When the mother-to-be’s 12th week of pregnancy is over, the laboratory will send an email to the email address she provided to her physician at the time a sample of her blood was collected. All test results are in PDF format and secured by encryption. The patient will receive a text message with a password to unlock the encrypted PDF document. The same test results will also be sent to the physician who referred the patient to the test.

To make sure that the mother-to-be receives an email with her test results, it is important that she provides her contact details (her email address and telephone number) correctly when she sees her physician to have a blood sample taken. Similarly, if the patient chooses to pay for the BabyGen test via the www.medirexplatby.sk payment portal, it is crucial that the mother-to-be enters the same contact details (her SMS telephone number and email address) at the time of making the online payment to the laboratory. Correct (and matching) contact details are a vital step in ensuring the patient receives her test results by email.

* In compliance with a resolution adopted by the Ethics Committee of the Slovak Ministry of Health, our laboratory only provides test results to patients once they have completed their 12th week of pregnancy.